Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thickened Vocal Cords

I have been having trouble singing for the past 3-4 months. (I lead worship service at my church and have been singing for years). I went to a local ENT and he told me that my vocal cords are "thickened".. approximately twice as thick as normal. He did not say what caused this, how to treat it, or if it CAN be treated. He was more interested in chatting with my husband than he was with discussing my condition with me. I, MOST OF THE TIME, can get through one song at church, sometimes two, before I get really hoarse and sometimes lose my voice all together for a few hours. Some days, if we are busy at work and I have to talk a lot, I will go home from work in the same condition. What can I do to get back to being able to sing? *I am 42 years old, do not smoke (NEVER have)! Thanks for your time!

Melissa Kim M.S., CCC-SLP replies... 

In order to determine prognosis and appropriate intervention, the reason for your vocal difficulties and "thickened" vocal folds must be established. If you were not satisfied with the outcome of your evaluation, I would strongly suggest that you seek out a second opinion.

Good luck!

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