Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Voice Problem

I am having a voice problem leading to cracking and a lot of vibration when I speak.  I was suffering from cracking before and when I went to an ENT specialist he did my vocal endoscopy and found that I was suffering from edema. This means that I was having edema in my vocal cords my vocal cords have swollen.

I have undergone treatment of around 1 month and also after that I took rest of around 15 days but then I am also having problem in my voice. It cracks and vibrates a lot when I speak due to this vibration I think that my voice is becoming a bit heavier. Also when I try to call someone in a bit high tone (not very loud someone who is 10 meters away only) my voice gets heavier and cracks. I love to sing a lot. When my voice started cracking I stopped my singing and immediately went to an ENT doctor but of no help. Please help me get rid of this problem.  I'll be waiting for your valuable and helpful guidance.

Melissa Kim M.S., CCC-SLP replies...

In order to suggest treatment options or to remark on rehabilitation potential, it would be necessary to know the cause of your vocal fold edema (swelling). If the cause is infection, allergy, or acid reflux, medication would be helpful. If the cause is environmental irritants (e.g., tobacco smoke, alcohol, chemical inhalation), avoiding these irritants would be your first step. If the cause is simply voice overuse/ misuse, I would suggest that you ask your ENT for a referral to a speech pathologist for voice therapy.

Best of luck to you!

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