Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vocal Cord Injection

About 7-8 weeks ago I had Radiesse Voice injected for unilateral vocal cord paralysis. Was under anaesthesia and breathing tube used. Voice today IS STILL hoarse after I talk for a while; doctor says a tube was used for breathing during surgery. WHEN CAN I EXPECT my voice to return to normal strength and sound? It's been 7 weeks. 

Melissa Kim M.S., CCC-SLP replies...
A temporary worsening of vocal quality following a vocal cord injection is expected; typically, voice will sound tight or strained for a few days following the procedure. Persistent hoarseness for weeks following the procedure is not expected... is the hoarseness you are experiencing similar to what you were experiencing before the injection? In some cases, an additional injection is necessary to achieve the glottic closure necessary for improved vocal quality in the setting of a vocal fold paralysis. It is also possible that some of the hoarseness you are experiencing is the result of hyperfunction, or excessive tension, of muscles around the vocal cords. If this is the case, voice therapy with a speech pathologist would be helpful. A third and final possibility is the injectable material has been reabsorbed... did you have a Radiesse Voice Gel injection (expected to last approximately six to eight weeks) or a Radiesse Voice calcium hydroxylapatite injection (expected to last a year or longer)? If you had the short-term injection, it's possible you simply need a repeat procedure.

Good luck to you!

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