Friday, February 8, 2013

Post Nasal Drip

As a 25yr voice over veteran, I've been plagued with drainage onto my vocal folds that require throat clearing. Over the past 2yrs it's been unbearable. I've tried Ipratropium, Dymista and Astepro - none provide what I need for my sessions to go unhindered...none! Have you had any tough cases such as this and been able to treat effectively?

Melissa Kim M.S., CCC-SLP replies... 
Effective treatment would depend on the cause of the drainage, such as infection, allergy, obstruction, acid reflux, etc. Only your physician could counsel you as to the likelihood of one of these diagnoses and appropriate treatment strategies. If the problem is simply thick secretions, then simple behavioral changes to thin mucous will likely be very effective, e.g., adequate hydration, humidification, and/ or medications to thin mucous, such as guaifenesin.  

Keep in mind that throat clearing can and often does become a habitual behavior, despite what you might feel is excessive drainage. A speech pathologist who specializes in the area of voice disorders should be able to provide therapy for what is often coined as "irritable larynx." 

Best of luck to you!

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