Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hoarseness After Laser Surgery

I had an operation three years ago, and had some scarring on the left vocal cord due to laser surgery. Is it still possible to regain some of my voice if given some kind of injection to my vocal cord? Has there been any operation that can make a voice better?

Dr. Lee Akst replies...
Vocal cord scar is a difficult condition to treat. There are some techniques which have shown some moderate promise, with limited data to support them - possibilities include pulsed KTP laser scar remodeling, repeated saline infusion, and even temporalis fascia or fat grafts into the vocal cord. If there are other issues alongside the scar, such as as glottic insufficiency, then these are more easily addressed with augmentation techniques to help improve voice. Certainly, with whatever degree of scar is present, working with a speech pathologist can help to optimize voice. I recommend that you make an appointment with a voice center with specialty laryngology and speech pathology care to learn more.

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