Friday, February 8, 2013

Frequent Changes in My Voice

Whenever I lay down to either have a rest or sleep when I wake up the tone and sound of my voice would have being altered. I assume the common cause of this is that I am going through puberty meanwhile I am 20 year old and I believe this stage of puberty shouldn't be at hand but this continues. However I do sing and rap and I am aspiring to become a motivational speaker as well as a teacher.  As a result of frequent change in my voice I'm beginning to shy away and the level confidence I was used to when talking to girls demised and now I'm left with worries. Secondly, I do experience this when after eating that the food bit of it do flush up to my lungs. Please I am so concern about this. I need more information to go about caring this problem.

Barbara P. Messing, M.A., CCC-SLP, BRS-S replies...
You mention several different issues. First of all, on average young men typically go through puberty from the ages of 12-16. By the age of 20 the vocal changes related to puberty are typically resolved. If not, then I recommend voice therapy which can be very helpful. Regarding your comments about eating, I would suggest that if you feel food going into your lungs when eating that you should have a swallowing evaluation. You should be seen by an Otolaryngologist and speech pathologist for your vocal complaints. Also, the speech pathologist can evaluate your swallowing to determine if you are indeed having food go into your lungs when you swallow. This should be evaluated since it is not healthy for your lungs. 

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