Friday, December 28, 2012

Improving Voice Hoarseness After Paralysis

Is there a way that my hoarse voice can be treated and restored to normal? Since 1994 I am suffering from voice hoarseness due to left vocal cord paralysis. This was due to the left aortic bulging (traumatric aneurysm) caused by a car accident that damaged the nerves on my left vocal cord. I have undergone a surgical operation to repair my aorta last March 1994, but until now I still have voice hoarseness. I was thinking if new procedures such as innervation or magnetic treatment may help?

K. Chuck Fletcher, MD, Laryngologist replies...
There are many options to improve the voice in the setting of a unilateral vocal cord paralysis. The paralysis causes a diminished ability for the vocal cords to close leading to air escape and therefore vocal hoarseness. There is no current way to return vocal cord function to a paralyzed vocal cord, however, there are approaches that allow the vocal cord to be medialized so that the functioning vocal cord can approximate the nonfunctional cord and create closure and then resultant improvement in vocal strength and reduced vocal hoarseness. There are nuances obviously regarding the specific case and those are determined by a laryngologic exam. I would recommend seeing a Laryngologist with expertise in these techniques for a full evaluation and to discuss your specific options.

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