Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Difficult to Sing

I am 13 yrs. old. In September I got this bad throat infection and did not take any medication. I also sang during this period. Not only vocal range and speaking ability dramatically, but my ability to sing faded. It's very difficult to sing, and any attempt of a high note I wouldn't even consider a high note is very difficult, and when attempted, it is painful and follows by near exhaustion and being light-headed. I really need help! I want to know what's happening to me so I can get it solved as soon as possible, instead of dealing with this extreme morose depression I experience everyday due to the loss of my voice. PLEASE help!

Joanna Lott, M.A., CCC-SLP replies...
I recommend that you find a laryngologist who works with singers to perform a video stroboscopic exam as soon as possible. Though there are many possible reasons for your vocal difficulties, it is always best to rule out damage to the vocal folds right away. It is possible that you simply formed some new habits while you were sick that have stuck with you even as you got better. A speech-language pathologist who specializes in voice can help you to "unlearn" those bad habits and replace them with new vocal skills that facilitate good vocal health. But if there is damage to the vocal folds, it is best to find out right away so that you can get started on an appropriate treatment plan.

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