Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paralyzed Vocal Cord

My sister has a paralyzed vocal cord on the left and a partially paralyzed vocal cord on the right. She has been told that she needs to have renervation surgery.  She lives in Reston, Virginia.  I trained at Kennedy Krieger Institute so wanted to contact your center to see where is the best place for her to be referred. Thanks.

Simon R. Best, MD, replies...
Vocal cord reinnervation surgery can be an effective form of treatment of vocal cord paralysis, but works best in younger patients (less than 50) or in those who have not had a paralysis for a long time (less than a year). Reinnervation takes a long time to have an effect, the end result is less consistent than medialization laryngoplasty, which is the surgery that I favor for paralysis. The results are immediate and more consistant than reinnervation, and the surgery can be performed in all age groups with any duration of paralysis.

I am happy to see your sister in consultation at the GBMC Dance Center if she would like to make the trip to Baltimore.  Please call 443 849 2087 for an appointment.

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