Thursday, November 1, 2012

Loss of Singing Voice

I am a 55 year old female, been singing for many, many years. I have always had a deep voice but now its even deeper. I was hit in the throat, not very hard, about 10 years ago. I no longer able to sing and I miss it very much. I have had no sore throats or any throat irritations. I now sing monotone, no more high notes its almost like I am now a bass singer and I don't like it. Is there any exercises I can do to get my singing voice back?

Melissa Kim M.S., CCC-SLP replies... 

Your injury certainly may have impacted your ability to raise or alter your pitch. See a laryngologist (an Ear, Nose, and Throat physician with speciality training in the treatment of voice disorders) to determine if this is indeed the case. Only when the cause of your pitch change has been determined will you know whether therapeutic exercises prescribed by a speech pathologist will be helpful.

Good luck to you.

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