Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cannot Hit High Notes

I am a singer who could sing the soprano notes and really sing high and hold my breath for long. And the voice quality was really good. Lately I noticed when I was talking continuously to my mother, I felt a stress in my voice as if it gave way after which I am unable to hit high notes, it is becoming hoarse whenever I sing or talk a lot. I consulted an ENT consultant and he told me there was nothing wrong and it would improve by the day. I am worried because that is not the truth, the voice seems like it is improving but goes back to the same condition.

I remember I had swallowed a fish bone inadvertently, you know once you are affected you seem to relate all possible reasons. Is this something serious that I am going through?  Can it be helped?  How and in what way?  Please let me know.

Joanna Lott, M.A., CCC-SLP replies... 

 When you consulted the ENT, did you ask him if he specializes in voice? Many ENTs specialize in sinuses or ear problems. If the doctor you saw did not specialize in voice, you should find someone who does. Did his exam include a video stroboscopy? If not, he is limited in the information he can obtain from his exam. The best advice I can give you without seeing you myself, is to find an ENT specializing in voice and have him or her take another look. (It is doubtful that the fish bone affected your voice since, unless you choked on it, it would not have made contact with your vocal folds.) Best of luck!

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