Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Voice Issues

I am a singer and have seemed to have gained some hoarseness and cracking in my low to middle vocal range, but this only occurs when I don't push my voice or use "chest voice". I have also noticed at times what feels and sounds like a buzzing sound when singing certain pitches. I am not currently sick (other than a little sneezing) and have not done anything differently as far as singing and talking are concerned (haven't been singing or talking more than usual). Can you give me any idea what may be going on with my voice?

Joanna Lott, M.A., CCC-SLP replies...

It sounds like you should be seen by a laryngologist and SLP specializing in voice if the problem continues. Sometimes when there is a cracking or hoarseness associated with certain pitches, it is due to a vocal fold lesion (i.e., lump or bump -- usually benign) impeding closure at those pitches and causing air to leak out around the lesion. It could simply be that your vocal folds are slightly swollen or inflamed due to allergies or a cold, but if the problem continues I recommend seeking treatment.

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