Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Voice is Gone


About 22 days ago I went on a roller coaster and screamed  loud and very high for about 2 minutes.  As a professional singer this is not something I ever do -scream. The next day my voice was hoarse and singing was out of the question.  About two weeks later with a raspy voice I went to the ENT and he said one of my cords were red and swollen as well as my nasal passages. He said no nodes were present, that the cords looked good, just surrounding tissue was a bit inflamed. He ruled out acid reflux but said to take prilosec just in case. He said he thinks it's viral/allergies. My lower voice range is back but my high range is still gone. Nothing comes out but air. It feels like there is mucus on the cords and it just won't budge. Will it come back?

Melissa Kim M.S., CCC-SLP replies... 

An isolated vocally abusive episode with a resulting "red and swollen" vocal cord sounds very likely to be a vocal cord hemorrhage. This condition is one of the few where very strict vocal rest is encouraged, specifically, no talking at all for up to a week after the incident to allow for healing and re absorption of the blood that has pooled in the vocal cord. If you are past this time period, I would suggest that you ask your ENT for a referral to a speech pathologist for voice therapy, which may help to reduce scarring in the area and faster return to normal voicing.

Good luck to you.

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