Sunday, October 28, 2012

Strained Singing

I have been diagnosed with a 70% blockage in my right carotid artery. I am in a drama club play and after rehearsal I felt light headed and a little strained in the right neck area (singing soprano). Is it advisable to continue to try and strain and sing?

Barbara Messing MA CCC-SLP BRS-S replies...

I advise you to discuss symptoms of feeling light headed with your primary care physician. Stay informed of potential restrictions you should follow.  

Strain in the neck when singing may be related to vocal technique and the use of excessive muscle tension. Muscle tension dysphonia or vocal hyperfunction can represent a long term learned behavior that needs appropriately directed therapy or vocal training. It is important to discover the underlying reason. Consider being seen by a Laryngologist / Otolaryngologist and a Speech Pathologist for a laryngeal assessment through stroboscopy for the purpose of determining vocal issues that may be contributing to neck muscle strain and to rule out muscle tension dysphonia or any other contributing factors.

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