Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vocal Cords

In Mid July I got very sick during a production I was in on opening night, and unfortunately I had to finish out the four week run, but I got better. The next performance I did, in the week and a half before tech week, I felt like I strained my neck...It was a sudden kind of thing, I had fully gotten better from my illness and unfortunately my allergies were acting up, but I began feeling neck discomfort as if I had strained my neck, and now it has become unavoidable. When I sing my neck hurts so bad, and the pain radiates down my right side. This being said, I can feel mild pain on the left, but the right is severe. Also, I can't sing to the best of my ability. After going to two ENTs who have said that my cords are clear, do you think I could be suffering from MTD and if so who do you think I should see so that I can get a clearer diagnosis?

Melissa Kim M.S., CCC-SLP replies... 

Muscular conditions of the head and neck area can contribute to muscular strain conditions of the larynx. Although muscle tension dysphonia (MTD) may be an issue, I would first suggest that you see your primary care physician regarding your neck and right-sided pain. You may need imaging or referral to a specialist to correctly diagnose and treat this problem.
Good luck!

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