Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Laryngitis Lasting More Than Two Weeks

I have had severe laryngitis for over two weeks with no precipitating cause. Saw an ENT who examined with a soft tube scope of some sort. He prescibed steroid five day pack, and Prilosec for GERD. He also gave me a hand out on acid reduction. I've been doing everything right. It's been a week and there is little improvment. Should I be worried?

Melissa Kim M.S., CCC-SLP replies...
If the primary factor contributing to your chronic laryngitis is acid reflux irritation to the larynx, which is what sounds as though your physician is suspecting, medication to reduce the acid reflux may be very helpful. However, in these cases, anti-reflux therapy can take up to several months of continuous medication before you will experience full resolution of your symptoms.

If after four to six weeks of medication and diet/ lifestyle modifications you have not experienced any improvement at all, or if symptoms worsen in the interim, another visit to your ENT is warranted.

Best of luck to you.

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