Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stroboscopy vs. Endoscopy

What is the difference between stroboscopy and FEES or endoscopy?

Barbara P. Messing, M.A., CCC-SLP, BRS-S replies...

Laryngeal Stroboscopy is an vocal tract imaging system using a xenon light source that allows us to visualize the larynx/vocal folds and most especially the vibratory motion of the vocal folds. We are also able to clearly see vocal fold problems or pathologies such as nodules, polyps, cysts, etc. We use both rigid and flexible endoscopes during this procedure.

Flexible endoscopic Evaluation of Swallow FEES using a flexible endoscope to visualize the patients throat / larynx when they swallow food and liquid. This is a way to determine if a person has a swallowing problem. There are other ways to evaluate a swallow such as a Modified Barium Swallow Study which provides a fluoroscopic image [like in X-Rays] of a persons mouth, throat and esophagus as they swallow barium contrast and different foods and liquids coated with barium.

Endoscopy just means that an instrument is used to look inside the body. Therefore, we call the instruments endoscopes. Endoscopes are either rigid or flexible endoscopes. 

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  1. Would the anesthetic from an Endoscopy surgery show up in a urine sample for a work medical?

    1. Office-endoscopy is often performed using topical 4% lidocaine. Systemic absorption of lidocaine used in this setting is low and would most likely not be a drug screened for by any type of employment testing or medical work up.

      If the question is referring to endoscopic procedures performed in the operative room then it would be best to ask the anesthesiologist prior to the procedure.

      Lee Akst, MD