Thursday, April 28, 2011

Voice Screenings

The Johns Hopkins Voice Center at GBMC would like to announce our voice screening program! The speech-language pathology team provides assessments to professional and semi-professional voice users, or any layperson experiencing vocal difficulties. This program may also be beneficial for healthy voice users as a tool to establish baseline vocal performance, which may be a source of
comparison if one encounters problems in the future. Voice screenings are offered on the last Thursday of every month from 3:00 - 5:00 pm; the charge for the screening is $15.00 that may be paid at the time of the appointment. 

Your voice screening will include:
  1. A review of your voice history to identify any potential problems.
  2. Acoustic analysis of the quality of your voice using state-of-the-art equipment to determine if there is any indication of potential vocal cord pathologies.
  3. Visualization of the larynx with a small endoscope (camera) that is passed (painlessly) through the nose. This is optional for the squeamish, but the most objective way to look at the vocal cords.
You will receive a printout of your vocal quality parameters as well as a photo of your larynx by request.

If there is any indication of a voice disorder, you will be referred for a full voice evaluation under the supervision of both a physician and speech-language pathologist to make a formal diagnosis. A full
evaluation will require a referral from your primary care physician, and you will be required to ensure authorization and coverage by your insurance.

Questions regarding insurance can be directed to our administrative assistants or clinic manager.

Speech-language pathologists cannot provide a formal diagnosis but can isolate need for further evaluation with a physician. At that time, the two professionals will discuss your case and determine any need for therapy, surgery, medications, etc.

Participants may register by calling 443-849-2087, or e-mail questions or to

E-mail requests will be confirmed with a reply.

Looking forward to sharing this great opportunity with you!

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